Benefits for participants and award winners

Information on the initiatives of all candidates will be made public on the website of European Lift SME Awards and a social media relations and communication campaign will publicise the winners, who will be brought to the fore.

There will be two types of award winners: those awarded in the various categories and one winner of the Grand Jury award.

In addition to receiving the award itself, the winners will be recognized for their creativity and successful implementation. They will thus be in a position to inspire others with their exemplary performance throughout the EU, EFTA countries and UK.


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    In the event that the project is selected as a nominee for the European Lift SME Awards 2022, I agree that our initiative and our organisation will be published on the Awards website and that information will be distributed to the media.

    I also agree that the materials may be used for educational purposes.

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    *Note: you may enter only one category per project; the Jury reserves the right to change the category if deemed necessary.